Race Director and long time triathlete competitor, Scott Fricks gives some advice on what athletes expect when participating in the St Croix's Beauty & The Beast Triathlon.

WEATHER: Race director, Scott Fricks: Try to arrive a few days early to acclimate to the heat. St Croix is relatively temperate in December (compared to the previous race date in May) but can still be hot, especially for those coming from colder climates.

TRAVEL: Race director, Scott Fricks: For those traveling with bikes, consider flying as direct as possible and be careful of connecting flights through San Juan. While we love our neighboring island, many airlines fly very small aircraft from there to St Croix. Some of these aircraft simply cannot accommodate bike cases which may delay the arrival of your bike. If in doubt, email info@vitf.org for more information.

COURSE: Race director, Scott Fricks: For Long Distance Course athletes, the bike is not about the beast. The Beast is 7/10’s of a mile long and while it certainly deserves your respect, just know that you can walk it almost as fast as you can ride it! Don’t let it haunt your dreams. You’re going to enjoy the experience!